Cowboy: (informal)

someone regarded as being bold, daring, independent.

Having nothing to do with A SPECIFIC GENDER, AGE, RACE, OR cREED.

It’s for those who embrace the idea of working hard & never giving up.

It’s about freedom And answering the call of adventure.


Our Story

We come from a place that’s known for the brutal winter cold, and the fiery heat of summer in central British Columbia, Canada.

So you know when we come out with a product, it’s got to be tough.

And yet, it still has to be unique enough to be worthy of our incredible customers & clients.


Our Mission

Here at Cowboy customs, we’re creating custom & high quality products; taking the opportunity to turn the mundane & boring into the exciting and artistic …all without sacrificing function.
Life’s to short to blend in and follow the crowd, so stand out and be the unique reflection of who you really are.